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Modular sales offices on dwelling construction sites

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Buyers of modern flats in city new buildings and houses around big towns pay higher demands on house construction quality and internal finishing of apartments, and also on technological innovations and engineering equipment of future living property.

What is the way to the constructor to show to the potential buyer the high level of the quality of future apartments when the house exists only on paper or in 3D model yet?

As the theater begins with a hanger, the apartment from a cozy hall, the house from the well-groomed domestic territory, so building of a new housing estate starts with a modern and tidy sales office on construction site. On the level of its design buyers of apartments, especially at a "ditch" stage, can judge the compliance of the declared level of housing to realistic plans and opportunities of the builder.

Comfort and safety

From modern Elmaco block modules of the Premium class in a short term it is possible to build a presentable sales offices on a house building sites. That is where sales personnel will comfortably take their place, and also there the full-fledged promo-apartment for demonstration of a variety and quality of final finishing of apartments can be located in the same modular building.

Elmaco block modules are differ from the local products with utmost comfort and safety, including the use of nonflammable materials, covers and paintings.

In the manufacturing of Elmaco modules we use only professional components and materials that are suitable for areas with high passability of visitors. Therefore our products don’t lose its performance for many years.

Appearance of a modular sales office is developed in brand book colors of construction company or in style of a new housing estate, thereby spontaneous recognition of a building company brand is reached with a sharp precise.

Only facts
by 4 times decreases

the term of construction of the modular building on a construction site caused of parallel production and installation of block modules

25t. rubles

is a starting price level of the costs for 1m2 of modulars Premium class, including production, delivery and installation works on a site

2/3 of buyers

of middle and premium class flats and houses pay attention of the sales office design and quality

80% of economy

on unplanned expenses: losses from the theft, the rejected construction materials, a construction delay because of weather conditions

Advantages of modular construction

The thought-over production cycle defines high quality of the Elmaco modulars that gives our client the following important advantages:

How do we work?

  • In the design of Elmaco modulars there are no fixed solutions. We make our block-modules on the customer request to settle his particular needs. The maximum size of one module which is suitable for automobile transportation is 3,2m*14,0m. The certain required dimensions within this size can be various. Our designers prepare the drawing of the future building for free.

  • In case the complex of buildings is far from the main communications, Elmaco develops the project, mount and start in work system of autonomous water supply and the sewerage with use of accumulative capacities and stations of biological sewage treatment. It is also possible to connect modulars to the diesel electric generator for the organization of independent power supply.

  • In facing of internal rooms the modern nonflammable material – GMP (glass magnesium panel) used. It can be painted in any color on RAL and also have imitation of the tree or a stone texture. For the ceiling we use suspended system made of basalt cotton wool, that is usually used in modern office rooms construction.

  • Sanitary rooms are fully equipped with all necessary equipment: toilet bowls, sinks, electric boilers, shower cabins, washing and drying machines, recycle bins, toilet paper holders, hand-driers and other necessary accessories.

Our customers:
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Name: Phone: E-mail:
We care of your confidentiality! Your data won't be transferred to the third parties.